Arcangelo - Rehearsing Bach’s ‘St Matthew Passion’ for the BBC Proms

The idea was to create a piece which through a series of images would recreate (or at least come close to it) the mood and emotions of Bach’s passion oratorio. Each day of rehearsal brought some beautiful images of the orchestra as well as Arcangelo’s director Jonathan Cohen, but it also brought something which only during the editing process came to haunt me - the complexity of Bach’s monumentally great works filled with love, devotion, despair, grief, and hope.

Teaser for the fusion of fine art photography and poetry book "Foreign Places"

"Foreign Places" - The collaborative book projectby Ladio Bodik and WanderBlack offers a fusion of fine art photography andpoetry delving into the hidden corners of present-day existence. Both authors’meticulous selections of photographs and poems from „foreign places“ spans over14 years of their work.

Music video Déjame by Rumbakana featuring Manu Chao.

Video produced and directed by WanderBlack
Director of photography James Handley

The song “Déjame” (let me) explains that life is too short to be constantly worried about everything. As long as we are lucky enough to be in this world, we should enjoy it by singing a song without complicated chords nor high voices. It’s a song that everyone can sing and play in their houses or in the squares and forget about their sorrows. This is the essence of this song, that Tete and Manu perform so cheerfully.

Making of Mario Bakuna's album "Brazilian Landscapes"

Desert Runner, short film (snippet)

Amfuem, short film (snippet)

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